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Your posts about wheelbase and the differences between 246 (CASCU) and 206 and 206 (Deon/DGT) have got me thinking. Ian measured his Deon at 2255mm and a Dino 206 wheelbase is 2280mm, a Lotus Europa is 2311 and a Dino 246 is 2340.

I'm trying to draw up a body shell for a 246 but cannot find accurate blueprints anywhere. Most seem to be just 206 bodies with new labels! Sometimes bolt on wheels are drawn but the shell is still sitting on a 206 wheelbase. Maybe Ferrari got lazy!
Anyway in order to find out where the body changes were made between 206 and 246 I've been overlaying photos and going by the supposition that the centre of the car won't be foreshortened by the curvature of the camera's lens. It is amazing how much the extremities get foreshortened. Any way - my guess is that the 246 remains as near as dammit identical to the 206 all the way back to the rear of the doors. Thereafter, it looks like there is added length in the rear quarter panel between door and wheel arch and probably in the wheel arch to the rear of the car too, although that is harder to judge from photos.

Next time you guys have your tape measures out I'd be really grateful if you could measure (at the crease line) rear of door to wheel arch and rear of wheel arch to rear corner of the car.

Heres a blue 206 superimposed over a red 246
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