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Hey, did you manage to get the measurements you needed?
That body/chassis on the locost site looks great. I would have bought it if I'd been in the UK. That chassis shows someone's (Classic Replicas'?) answer to the high sills - beefier at base and low longitudinal member with short angled gussets at each end of the door. They've also angled in the sides of the central tunnel and made it lower.
I wonder what front uprights they've used - they appear to have ball joints top and bottom and a 5 stud hub. It could be a FIAT Dino hub on the original Fiat 124/5 upright with 5 x 108mm PCD to fit the original Cromodora wheels perhaps. Or something else - I've seen pictures of Classic Replicas with Alfa 164 wheels (which are 5x98mm). Does anyone know?
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