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Thanks Mister Towed

2" does sound like it's a bit close to the floor. I drove Sherpa Vans across Europe in the 80's and don't remember there being any particular issue with the throttle pedal.
The van of course was much more upright seating , and of course you just got in it and drove it ?

The only picture of a pedal box in-situ that I could find was in this Sherpa V8 conversion thread, and it doesn't look like there's such a big difference in pedal heights -
Probably misleading as that was a V8 conversion so only had brake and looks like separate/different throttle ?

I am trying to turn a Sherpa into an Edwardian car ?

I was mocking the cockpit up to get the height of the pedal box to allow me to make the firewall like this :-

Which looked good until I realised the throttle pedal was missing ? when I added that the problem outlined above was discovered ?

I could drop the floor a little under the pedals , however I don't think I need to as this car needs all the height it can get ?

regards Paul

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