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Originally Posted by MartinClan View Post
That must be the most complicated door of any kit car! And the fibreglass mouldings are amazing. I wonder if they were made from a mould taken from a "real" steel door? If not they must have taken many many many hours to design and make.
Looking forward to seeing the end result!

Cheers Robin
Yes, it surely is. It doesn't look exactly like any Sierra doors I've seen on line but I'm guessing that this must have been the starting point. Perhaps they modified a steel door and then took a mould?
As you say, the amount of work creating all the drawings, jigs, tooling and moulds for the Sabre must have been a huge project. John Barlow (the designer) must have envisaged selling a much higher number of kits than the 150 that were made. Even the door cards are a custom moulded GRP part.
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