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Not a huge amount of progress since my last update but I have now fitted the grab handle to the drivers door.
The grab handles are screwed to a threaded plate that sits behind the door's inner skin. But the grab handles and securing plates were missing from my car, presumably lost somewhere along the way?

As the grab handle support plates were missing , I made some up from 4x35mm bar simply because this is what I had in my stash. The outer two holes are threaded to take 5mm fixing screws and the two inner holes are to fix the plate to the door inner door skin.

Grab handle and support bar by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

You then fix the door trim panel in place and drill the holes through the trim panel and inner door skin to get the holes aligned.
The support plate is then pop rivetted to the inside of the inner door panel. The pop rivets are just to hold the plate in place until the fixing screws are done up. A very neat solution.

Grab handle fixing by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

The keen eyed might notice that the self tapping screws I used to fix the inner handle have now been replaced with M4 nuts and bolts. The original builder had used self tappers but the RMC build manual says to use nuts and bolts and who am I to argue with John Barlow!

I've started fitting the locks to the passenger door now, so no updates for a while...

Until then, stay safe,

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