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Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
There are instances where the internet comes up trumps, but IMHO for kit building the 'traditional' breaker's yards really were useful if you wanted a part, but didn't know which car you wanted it from! eg a suitable bonnet catch or door lock...... just open a few doors/bonnets until you find what you need! Alas even when I've wanted some parts for a 6-year-old car (and I know the part number etc) I've not been lucky in my local 'recyclers'
There were several breakers near me but they all closed down many years ago. Cheap copy parts and the internet have made them all pretty redundant. The days of spending your weekend fixing your car ready for Monday morning are long gone too !
With regard to forum glitches it has happened to me but not for 18 months or so. I went through a period of having to log in constantly as I seemed to loose the connection half way through writing something, very frustrating at the time. Send a pm to JG if you have site problems.
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