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Default Restrictions to fitting larger engines?

This thread isn't really Marlin specific so if the Mods feel it would be better in another section please move it.

My Berlinetta original build was with a Ford Cortina 2 Litre engine/gearbox. A later owner fitted a Rover V8 3500 SD1 engine and auto gearbox.

While I love the Rover V8, having driven countless thousands of miles with them I am conscious of the extra running costs etc, 19MPG was good! Nowadays the cost of fuel is very significant, also the licence cost per mile is significant especially for low milage use.

I have a BMC A series 1275 engine and overdrive gearbox freshly rebuilt and surplus from another project.

If I were to fit the A Series engine and gearbox, I don't see any issues, I simply amend the V5c when I licence the car and that should be that. BUT... If for some reason I decided to fit the Rover engine and gearbox in the future, are there any regulations which may trigger for example an IVA, or some other inspection. I ask because I have some dim recollection of having read somewhere that it's OK going down in capacity but what would be more than doubling the engine capacity can cause issues in the regulations? I don't plan to alter the suspension, brakes or steering so they would be as they were with the Rover engine. I have searched but not come up with anything relevant.

As for performance I don't see it as an issue, I just want an open car to tour and enjoy the scenery, not to drive at high speed. I am already building the car with weight kept to a minimum so I don't think it will be significantly heavier than the Roadster. With a lowish Final drive (Transit?) and perhaps 14" wheels, it should climb hills well enough.
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