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Don't get me wrong, I think the DNA 250 is a great bodykit conversion, probably one of the best out there at the moment but 90k it aint. For that money I would want a proper engineered chassis and hand formed ally bodywork and for it to be an accurate dimensional replica and with an engine that stacks up to the original. Plus it just can't have plastic chrome bumpers at that money.

Maybe I'm a cheap skate but I would say the same about the Automirage 250, lovely as it is, for 120k it has to have an ally body and be more dimensionally accurate. I can sort of appreciate the craftsmanship and effort in creating a metal body and hence the value in terms. I don't see it in the same way with GRP bodies. I appreciate the effort in initially creating the mould and both DNA and Automirage have created great quality GRP bodies but once done, bodies can then just be knocked out until the mould can take no more. No added value in my mind compared to a Cobra replica for instance.

Are we going through a crazy period because of the general hype of classic car prices? I wish them luck and hope they prove me wrong as there is always a buyer out there somewhere with the readies who will fall in love with it.

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