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Sorry for the lack of a response.

Originally Posted by gw302 View Post
In terms of those decisions, any advice of what works will be greatly appreciated! Given it's mid-engined and I don't wish to run boost pipes all the way to the intercooler bracket in the front I was planning on using a chargecooler and piping to a second front radiator- unless there is sufficient airflow in the back to cool sufficiently (modify the bodywork to increase airflow)? For air induction I was planning on keeping my current conical K&N air fliter (unless I've misunderstood your question...)
Yes, I went the charge cooler route. I went for the cheap mustang chargecooler from ebay which sits just behind the engine on the rear firewall. But in my experience, is not a very efficient charge cooler going by inlet temps. Not a cheap route but got most of the bits (excluding piping) from below. I would spec the chargecooler for more power than you are planning at present 300+ is quite easy to achieve on standard internals.

Originally Posted by gw302 View Post
The wiring is going to be complicated - I currently have a recoded VAG ECU but I've just discovered the new ECU from my turbo donor car is different. If I go the recode VAG route I imagine it would be more sensible to keep the ECU that is paired to the engine and swap all the connections on the car side loom to the new ECU socket, then recode the ECU. I don't know anything about aftermarket ECUs - I imagine you get more control over the software but I don't know how easy it would be to wire up.
5EXI VAG owners have gone all sorts of different routes. Depending on there choice. Some have completed the own complete wiring looms. I just used the original 5EXI loom (Rover) and tapped into that with the Rover dials. Only extra for conversion I needed, was a different temperature sender to work with Rover dials. Which is just a screw in to the engine.
Aftermarket ECU will be no different wiring wise to a VAG ECU. Still need to match wire for wire where to connect up.

At this stage, you have a big discussion to make. The cost and work involved in the future, will depend on it. Stay standard'ish power or breaking the 300 barrier in the future. Wiring in standard, then have to rewire for aftermarket, redo piping for turbo etc for more power.
If over 300+, I would recommend the aftermarket ECU route. Bigger injectors, turbo, etc. Have more control for mapping (Also another cost consideration). Also very easy to data log and diagnose from ECU.

Hope that helps.
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