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Big update for me this time around. Not big as in loads but big as in is a big bit of the car that I was worrying about - the clam, and making it hinged. Its actually worked much better than expected. I'll let the pics do the talking.

Couple of things left to finish this bit. Firstly, the box section is held onto the hardtop with a bolt and a couple of massive washers. Ideally, i'll get a length of stainless on the inside of the hardtop then put a couple more bolts through it to reinforce it and spread the load a little.
I'll need a bonnet stay type thing to hold it up as I don't want to have to drive everywhere with a couple of lengths of wood on the roof just in case I need petrol.
I've also found that the clam will actually go higher than this if I adjust the rose joints slightly but its flipping heavy, and that was without the window!
Lastly, I've been looking at twin electric rams to do the lifting but its not something I actually 'need' so will have to wait.

I have a question. I want to paint the underside of all the fiberglass parts black. Is there any particular type of paint I should use? Or can I just slop a bit of hammerite on there?
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