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Originally Posted by Phaeton View Post
Do you know somebody else with the same kit, could they measure where their engine is mounted, very remote possibility is that your engine mounts have been mounted too far towards the drivers side?
Hi, the pick up points for the engine and gearbox are set by the chassis builder so I have no reason to think it's set too far one way from another. There is 40mm worth of sliding play in the driveshafts, so if the drivers side was say, bang on centre, then anything more than 20mm would have it bump stopping on the gearbox end..? Wheels are central to the bodywork so don't understand why I'm having the short driveshaft issue. I've found a site that shows the driveshaft lengths and it does state that the standard item is 620mm long. So I've just ordered a cheap Rover 25 driveshaft off eBay as this is stated as being 645mm long. We'll see if it fits...
Thanks for responding.
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