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Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
Link below shows a very simple shape for a velocycle but looks very nice in my opinion

Next link is for an original design which replicated the Messerschmitt KR200 They sell all the body parts for the cars. Phoenix classic autos also sell Messerschmitt body parts at reasonable prices.

Cascu make grp body parts for the kr200

Thanks - I’d not come across the AeroCoupe kit before. Looks like it could be a good start point. Will see what the plan set looks like.

I had seen the Morgan before when looking at CycleKarts for inspiration. Looks really neat but think the layout is more pedal car as most velomobiles are based on a recumbent trike chassis layout with the pedals ahead of the front axle.

Lots of inspiration here to help me decide on what route to take...thanks again
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