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Default Bye Bye Baby....

At long last a purchaser was found for the A352, or more correctly, he found me through the offices of the Tribute Automotive Owners Group on FB, with special thanks to Belinda Jane Wednesday who bumped my picture post at a serendipitous moment .

A collector in The Netherlands bought her. I first had my spiffing custom registration number put on retention which enabled me to knock a couple of grand off my asking price. The buyer's chum, who's the proprietor of MEV, came and collected her on his behalf, transporting her to the ferry port on Dec. 19th sporting her replacement 'D' suffix reg.

Very sad to see her go, but as I've previously mentioned, yet another winter (her fifth) under a soggy cover outside wouldn't have done her any favours.

I transferred the insurance to the Monaco (outrageous charge of more than half the original premium for the remaining eight months) but haven't been out in her yet due to atrocious weather.

Regards, Mick

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