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Managed to get to two events in the car today. One thing has struck me is that the most interested people who see the car aren't actually looking to buy online, or even looking for cars for sale ! Most seem to be well heeled types that might just buy a car on a whim ! Three people have taken my details today after spending half an hour or so talking about the car. None of them seem to be the time wasting types so it will just take one to come up with an offer. Same has happened over the last couple of weeks, lots of interest in general.
No shortage of page views and watchers on my ebay page. The "kitcar" section only appears to attract kitcar buyers , the "classic" buyers are bigger in number and tend to appreciate the value in a home built special. I checked out the kitcar section earlier and whilst there are one or two nice Cobra's and a well built Ferrari Dino most of the cars are older 7's and the like. Also a few Dutton's and part built projects along with a fair bit of dross so I think I'll stick with the "classic" section !

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