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I'm no electrician but I believe it's the current and length of time exposed that kill, the voltage is only relevant in terms of being able to 'push' enough current to do the job. Hence, police tasers run at around 50,000 volts and 18 amps, but it's delivered in bursts measured in microseconds, so is non-lethal (in most circumstances), while a domestic, 13amp, 240v socket is likely to kill you if you touch its insides without an RCD in the line.

As for electric cars, Trumpton are bloody terrified of them. We had a Nissan Leaf involved in a minor shunt (no pun intended) on my patch when I was a plod and the fire service treated it like an unexploded bomb, cordoning off the area, leaving it time to 'soak' and looking very anxious indeed when they started trying to disconnect things.

God help us all when everyone's driving electric...
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