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Years ago... It must have been about 1985 I attended a Classic car show in London (Earl's court?). Anyway, there were lots of gadgets there. I recall an automatic battery (2 xAA ) dipping mirror, and more pertinently a liquid chrome that could be applied with a cloth! I was (as you'd expect) highly sceptical - I offered the guy a 2p coin, and he coated half of one side. It looked good and 'chromey' to my eyes at the time, maybe it was more like nickel? but it looked good. I kept the coin in my pocket for several months, and it still looked good, never tarnished. I put water on it etc, and it stayed good. The liquid (which I don't recall being a ridiculous price at the time) could now prove useful. Brass or copper bumpers on a DIY basis, and coated with 'chrome'. Did the product disappeared?
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