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Default rear driveshafts

I am back on the mechanical bits this week I am fitting the longer driveshafts from a spitfire 1500 they are about 20 mm longer than than the herald ones I replaced the wheel bearings and trunnion bushes I also had to fit the smaller driveshaft flanges for the herald diff new universal joints were fitted at the same time.

I had one small hiccup I bought a pair of adjustable radius arms off a Vitesse as the herald ones were now too short only when I went to fit them did I realize the bushes are larger so dismantle it all and start again I had to spread the brackets wider to accept the wider bush and then drill through to accept the larger bolt. If you do it the other way around the bolt holes wont line up

All done now but i will have to get the rear wheels tracking sorted when it's on the road and the front ass well of course. Ho I have to make some extension plates for the handbrake cables as they are now too short.
Until next time cheers
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