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Originally Posted by prince albert View Post
thanks paul , prob good advise , the kingfisher has the full chassis , I was researching vw chassis online and saw the main tube , im very confused as to why the log book has no mention of the donor car , it just states "2 axle rigid body " then "kingfisher " and " clasicle veheicle " ??
I have a Beetle based Kingfisher Countess and my log book also states "make - Kingfisher" and "Wheel plan - 2 axle rigid body".

I have PM'd you a copy of the relevant page of my V5C.

My car was built and first registered in 1984 and as you say there is no mention of the donor vehicle, the only reference is to the Vin number of the original Beetle and to it's date of manufacture. I think this was standard practice in the 80's although I think that such body conversions these days do retain the original manufacturers name as the Make and reflect the rebodied car as it is in the model description.
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