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Originally Posted by thecarbuilder246 View Post
Not sure of lbs spring rate but they measure 8 inches tall, 2-3/4 inches diameter and have 11 coils in total.
The springs I have on the front at the moment are 1.9" ID and 6" tall so it looks as if there were some suspension changes from the Deon to the Classic replicas car.

Originally Posted by thecarbuilder246 View Post
Looking through the deon build manual and cross referencing deon's parts list they have a couple of codes for the springs they specified-
Front USS-450-Spring supplier- Scania springs
Rear USS-300-Spring supplier- Scania springs
May be a deon code but wondered if the number may refer to spring rate. Strange the front is a higher number? But add's up to the discussion in the club mag. Maybe deon got them the wrong way round on the parts list? Possibly should be 450lbs rear 300lbs front??
I've measured the rear springs and they are identical in size to the front ones.
My corner weight measurements show that the rear of the car is heavier than the front which would suggest that I need the greater poundage springs on the rear.

Many thanks for all your help Ian

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