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Originally Posted by lumpy View Post
Hi Ericholm,

If you have the funds, the supercharger is awesome.
I have had to completely re-learn how to drive it.

Taking into consideration that a Z3M goes for around 10-12k, I have more power and torque. I paid 2500 for an all be it tatty Z3, but it had only done 49k miles.
The cost of the conversion was roughly 5500 from Regal Autosport in Southampton.

As for letting the fiberglass settle, I now have a few bits that could do with a little tinkering. the weight of the fiberglass, plus driving at speed, I guess have moved things slightly.
Also over the winter, the fiberglassed parts on one side, where the old mirror used to be are showing slightly. All small things that only I would notice, but will eventually need a respray.

The cost of the insurance was no different as it is classed as a kit car, and therefore unique.

I hope this information is of some help.


Thanks Lumpy!

5.5k wow that is some investment, you must have really been sold on that.

Great news on the insurance front too.

Yes very helpful
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