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Part 2:
The good news is that there appears to be enough paint on the car to flat back without breaking through.

Although I made a point of exposing the rivet heads on the tail pipe shields during the first round of sanding.

There was one blob of BRG paint that would not go quietly.

This will be also added to the BRG 'touch up' list.

Unfortunately, I'm suffering from a hacking cough at the moment, so the heat was really taking it out of me today.
( And coughing into a dust mask is not very pleasant. )

So rather than over do it, I stopped at this point and gave the whole car a wipe down.

Despite packing up early, I'm pleased with the way this is going so far.

As there are definite signs that I will end up with a decent paint job in the end.
( Assuming the polish will bring back some of the original shine. )

It will not be a professional standard by any means, but good enough to look...

"like a 50 year-old race car that has been into the hay bales a few times in its life"

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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