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Default Frame details for Deni


I have tried to show some details of the bonnet frame - they are different and I think I will end up moving one of them, in order to create some space for my brake master cylinder, as I am using the original Vitesse bulkhead which seems to set the pedals higher?

Miglia left bonnet.jpg

Miglia right bonnet.jpg

The front cross bar will also need to move forward when I adjust the side frames, as I opted for the original style radiator and want to fit a fan to the front of it, so need to make a bit more room.

Miglia radiator frame.jpg

I don't have any front wheel arches but have read of others adapting trailer wheel arches to fit inside the front wings. I do have a pair of these for the rear and they will fit over the rear axle when I take the body off to complete the rear end surgery...

Miglia rear arches.jpg

Let me know if I can take any more photos or measurements and I will have a look at mine.


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