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Molleur, Wharfedale & HouseMartin – Thanks for the suggestions gentlemen.

Bulb - The bulb is definitely working.
See last photo above where the driver’s side indicator bulb is plugged into the passenger side wiring.

However, the reason you can see the bulb is on is another failure mode I forgot to list.

Front right indicator housing plugged into front left wiring and left indicator switched on.
- Both front and rear left indicators light up, but neither flash.

Initially, I thought this was due to the fact there were unconnected wires on the right side.
(Where I had disconnected the front indicator.)

When I reconnected both the front indicators to their original wiring, the left worked as normal.
(At which point I tried the hazard switch and got the result previously listed.)

Earth – I may have missed a trick here.
I checked the earth wire was still securely joined to the ‘ring’ connector at the earthing point.
However, I didn’t check if there was no break in the wire between the earthing point and the indicator.
I could also run a separate piece of spare wire to earth as another way of checking this.

Rear Light – I didn’t think to remove the rear bulb, but I will add that to my experiments.

And finally…
We have some friends coming around today for a socially distanced visit in our back garden.
(First time since lock down began.)

So, I might not be able to play with the car today, but I’ll try to get to the bottom of this during the week.

Given the fact I have already removed the front indicator from the driver’s side…
I might also remove the front passenger side too.
That way, I can swap them both around and then see what happens.

Cheers, Paul.
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