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I've only ever driven a 2 litre six Z3. My main criticism was that the engine was just too smooth and refined for a sporty car. I found myself constantly hitting the rev limiter in second gear as it just didn't feel as if it was already at 6500rpm.

Got to agree with Lucky, too. Agility and the way the car makes you feel are far more important than outright acceleration or top speed in a European 'Sports' car. USA cars are slightly different in that most cars people refer to as 'Sports' cars, even the later Corvettes, are actually better described as GT's or muscle cars.

I'm putting my head above the parapet here, but my list of American Sports cars would be quite short:

Original Corvette C1 & maybe C2 (C3 on are more GT car)

Shelby Cobra

Dodge Viper (even though it has a truck engine)

And, in the words of Bubba from Forrest Gump, ...that's it.

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