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Your epic non starter reminded me of two embarrassments. Number one. A 1725 Hillman Hunter with a cast iron block and head and clapped no.3 big end. Replaced with aRapier (I think) Identical engine only with an ally head and twin exhaust pipes, so I replaced it with the cast head all bolted up, would it go? No!
Very long story short after taking the manifolds off it was obvious. Different valve placings. IIRC In Ex In Ex Ex In Ex In vs Ex in Ex In etc. Two days later, Ally head replaced and it ran like a dream. Two days of bodging twin pipes and away we went.

Number two after rebuilding a non running 2.5 Sherpa Diesel it wouldn't start. Again very long story short another engine sourced, heard running, fitted it. Fitted the polished ally rockerbox cover of the first engine. Would it start? No! So I took the rockerbox cover off to check the valves and it started!! Cover on and it stopped, cover off, and look inside microscopic marks where the rockers fouled on the shiny rocker box so that the valves didn't close. The previous owner of engine number one had put the cover in the vice to polish it, after which it wouldn't start, since it was old and not very good anyway he sold the vehicle and I bought it as a non runner that did need a rebuild. I then had two running engines and a rocker box that needed ten minutes to fix. Oh what fun I had, Not!

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