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Thanks for the encouragement, guys, it's much appreciated.

I partially stripped down the offending carburettors on Thursday but couldn't find anything wrong with them - with the dashpots off and needles removed, fuel bobs up out of the jets when you blow down on them and everything else was set as per manufacturer's instructions. I'm guessing it was just that they are adjusted way too lean for the engine to fire.

Plan was to fire up the engine with the Midget carbs fitted just to check everything still runs after its shenanigans when breaking in the cam, then refit the 1 1/4's and richen them up to see what happens.

...which I will do next weekend when a new starter motor arrives as the old one has died since last weekend. I'd rob the one off the Midget but it's a PITA to get to and there's a danger I'll have no Midget left by the time the Speedster is up and running

Paul - I'll take some pics of my Stater today, Gold really is incredible as after spending 2,000 years rolling around in the mud, a quick rinse under the tap saw it as clean and shiny as the day it was minted.
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