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Thanks for your kind words, guys, and yes, it was a good end to a piss-poor year in terms of classic car events.

Funnily enough, the whole thing came about because my wife has some pictures of my old Spyder on her facebook page and a friend of a friend got in touch to ask if she knew anyone with a more conventional classic car. She sent back some pictures of Iris and that's when we were invited to take part in the advert.

It was a grand day out and I was pleased to see how genuinely interested the young trendies doing the filming were in Iris as most of them had never seen an MG of her vintage.

Chatting to them during the setting up process it turned out that most of them aspire to own a really old classic car themselves. Maybe something like an E46 M3 from as far back as the late 1990's. You know, from the time before they were born
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