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Originally Posted by paul_n
OK I did

Chassis rails are 34" apart

Outside of a front tyre to the chassis 17"

Making front track 68"

Outside of rear tyre to chassis 15"

Making rear track 64"

According to vehicle hand books I have :-

Width excluding mirrors 68"
track front 58"
track rear 56"

track is without saying that is to centre of tyre or outside [ wheel base is to centre of wheel's ?

Many thanks for that Paul .

I braved the howling wind and pissing rain with my surveyor's tape yesterday afternoon and the net gap, taking the vulnerable soil pipes each side into account, is 92" so is more than enough.

Seems bidders are incapable of keeping their powder dry, pushing up the price by showing their hand early. I expect the vendor is delighted....

Regards, Mick
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