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Talking Update and more Pictures

I have the window screen fitter booked for next week but the first few miles are on the clock.

I am please with the result but there are some outstanding things that need to be addressed. A track day is booked for late May so I need some miles running before its tested at speed and cornering.

Some are self inflicted based on my chosen course of construction or deviation from the original kit design, something I would always recommend a builder does... stick to the original kit plan! Change it at your peril!

The front is an improvement I think and goes against that advice above. I would still say don't change it though, the build would have been quicker if I have not made any personal changes.

May have to make changes to the inside of the headlight as the tyres just touches the plastic of the headlight case on full lock.

The first 5 miles were eye wateringly cold so its wait for the screen to be fitted before any extended outing with the Apple County Kit Cars.

And the finishing touch..... Time for a beer........ All in all and big cheesy grin.

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