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Default Dino Coil overs

I am looking for coil overs for my Dino project.

The previous builder has fitted Avo coil overs to the front with a 6 inch long spring rated at 100lbs. The problem is that this has 12 coils and is fully compressed and binds when the weight of the car is on the spring so it is the wrong spring for the car.

There are no coil overs on the back as yet. My car has the Alfa V6 engine.

I have determined the corner weights of the car and the angles of the coil overs along with the distances between the fixing points of the suspension but I canít find any formulae on the web which give me reasonable results for the calculation of the spring rates.

I have contacted a couple of coil over manufacturers for help but they all require me to specify exactly what I need in terms of spring rates so I am a bit stuck.

I was wondering what other Dino owners have on their cars so as to give me some sort of starting point for mine.

Alternatively does anyone know of any reliable ways of calculating the spring rates required?

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