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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
The red Zagato................only its mother could love it!

I wonder if a hardtop (of ny design) on the MX5 or Z3 would be better using the original soft top front clips?
No cracking problems and the rear clip would then be removable.
Should also make the build easier and quicker.
Is it the angle the picture has been taken from or has Zagmads dipped at the A post?
Looks nothing like the last picture.
Gasp, how dare you, sir.

There are so many bits that will be different on mine, it probably makes sense to stick with Chris for the roof. I am not overly fussed about having a removable top. Thanks anyway.

It won't be quite like that anyway. Zagmad's was an early version, he has gone a completely different direction now. Not sure what it actually looks like at present, we have only seen photos of other production cars.
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