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Originally Posted by lancelot link View Post
DIFFICULT ONE ...It doesn't bother me ...the Pinafarina badges get used a lot and they look ok to my eye ...I too , don't like the great big ''Begging Donkey'' badges etc that get plastered everywhere ....but designer badges feels less of a no-no to me ...can't really justify my opinion , just exactly that , my opinion ...
I tend to agree. Given how many times designers have used other designers' ideas and styles, together with re-peddling across several marques, what the actual design ip is, becomes almost impossible to determine. Some of the Ferrari rear ends done by Pinafarina are almost indistinguishable from Zagato ones. People are not going to look at a tribute (or even a replica if it comes to it) and say, "Wow, I thought that was really a Pinafarina".
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