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Default Part 2

So what is it exactly that I want? In summary:

An every day driver.
A coupe, with aircon.
Electric stock windows (roadster or coupe)
Electric heated seats probably the Rover ones
Something like Kidge's 275 lined roof.
Dash maybe using the z3 instruments and warning lights, with a glove box or recess
Modified doorcards maybe like those in andysharrock’s Build No 4 thread, possibly with small pockets, though Kidges modified Z3 approach appeals.

Style wise, externally, I am not a fan of the 250 door skins. And despite some design compromises, I will go with the original Z3 doors, hence why not a Z4. I will most likely make handle modifications such as WCAs Fiat handles at some stage, though the early BMW Series 3 handles also appeal and are probably easier to do.

I was impressed how good the Z300s look in the flesh with the slimmer waist. The photos do not do them justice. Thanks Nick and IainA for sharing experiences on here, but especially at the club meet this summer.

Nose is still open, could be similar to any of the Zagatos above.

The MGB slab back window will not do for me. And rear quarter lights are required to offset the required changes if stock roadster (or coupe) windows are retained. I see Roadster has had similar thoughts previously too. I will probably swap the wing mirrors with the modern mini ones, though not sure how I will treat (or fit them) - body coloured covers probably.

Wheels - as this will be my every day driver, and given that there is a premium to getting this off the ground, something like Dunlop style steels is an economic option, or maybe Calibres like ericholm. The Maserati above looks like it could have Calibres from that distance. Only the Alfa and Lancia have steel wheels, and compared to the Alfa, the Fiat looks better for the spoke style wheels.

The deal with Chris is now done, so watch this space after Christmas.

Next on the list of things to do is to get the donor 2.8 when prices drop in the next few weeks. Could be a challenge as probably I will be abroad working for 3 weeks at the end of September, and a 10 day holiday planned for October. In the meantime, start looking and shopping for the accessories that Chris will need for the initial build.

I know that my taste or ideas may not be to everyone’s liking, but heyho. There will also be style compromises resulting from not starting from scratch as well. So be it, I have faith that Chris and Dan will come up with the goods.

All opinions and feedback are welcome, (sooner rather than later). Once we kick off, there will be minimal changes to the project.
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