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Originally Posted by MartinClan View Post
I have a remark about your "sunken" fuel filler. I don't know if it may be an IVA issue but possibly worth checking.
Is there anything in place to drain away any splashes or fuel spillage? Normally with an external filler it would just run down your nice clean bodywork, but with a sunken filler where does it go?
When race and rally cars have an internal filler like that it is normally surrounded by a splash bowl. Or so I beleive looking at various pictures :-)
Cheers, Robin
Hi Robin,
that's an interesting point you raise that could affect other builders so I had a look at the IVA manual. The closest I can find is in Section 3A requirement 10. that says......10. The fuel tank must be positioned so that in the event of a leak the fuel could not accumulate or find a path to the passenger compartment. (if fitted in a compartment there must be a drain which does not exit onto a heat source)
However, this is not an issue on the Sabre because the plate you see above that holds filler neck and cap is not sealed to the wing so any spills will just drip to the road below.
The photo below shows the filler neck before the wing was fitted, which I think explains it better.

Fuel Filler by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

There is quite a big gap around the filler neck and the wing.
In fact, it was while I was fitting the tether that I realised I need to fit some kind of inner wheel arches to stop rain and road dirt being thrown up by the wheel all over the filler neck.

I think my car will be OK but thanks for the feedback as I'm keen to head off as many IVA issues as possible.
cheers, Peter
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