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Just a small update to show you all what I'm working at the moment when I get the odd spare moment in the garage.

When fitting the tether to the fuel cap I realised that I needed to fit inner wheel arches or all the road muck will go all over the filler. My car wasn't fitted with anything as it was never finished. The Sabre manual says "Cut aluminium splash plates to fit between the body and the wings, behind the rear wheels. Secure to the inner wheelarch with self tapping screws. Fit edge seal to the splash plates where they contact the wings."
But, I thought I'd try and fabricate something a bit more professional looking so I bought these truck mudguards.
They looked about the right size and cost 36 delivered.
My plan was to cut them up to fit.

Rear inner wheel arches by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

I first made a cardboard template and set about cutting up a mudguard. I used my jigsaw to cut the edge off and a hand wood saw to cut the slots for the Sabre's body flanges.

Inner rear wheel arch template by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

I then offered it up and with a bit of pushing and shoving it popped in to place. I then discovered the mudguard is the exact same diameter as the Sabre's inner wheel arch. A perfect fit!

Inner rear arch top by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

I then found on-line this edge seal that has a finned edge and I fitted that to the cut edge of the mudguard. It's good stuff but a PTA to fit to the now floppy edge of the mudguard.

Small leaf fin edge seal by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

At the front and top I've fixed the arch in place with m6 rivnuts.

Inner rear wheel arch front by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

But at the back there is nothing to fix the mudguard to and it's too flexible to leave as is, so I am going to make up a bracket to support it that will be fixed behind and to the lower edge of the body tub.

Inner rear arch back by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

It's coming together nicely and looks production.
A bit more to do and the other side, of course.

Stay safe..............peter
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