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The rear arches have been cut away more yes - to make extra room for the larger wheels. One possible reason I'm running them (I can't remember exactly!) is that the on-board pickups are angled in such a way that to get a decent ride height I need them to be this large. The photo below shows how close the rear bottom suspension arm is to hitting the rail below (there's probably just over 0.5mm clearance, it may even touch before the damper locks out). This is when the ride height is set to ~120mm. It's unfortunately not an ideal setup - I've got 80mm total suspension travel one side, and 55mm the other at the rear due to this issue. I don't really notice is on the road in terms of handling though - all I have is a horrible screech & smell of burning rubber if I hit a hole hard enough as the wheel collides with the bodywork!

In terms of the side that's colliding with the bodywork, the wheel there sticks out ~ 10/15mm clear of the bodywork at the top (second picture attached), the other side is flush. By no means an empirical measurement - if you line yourself up with the chassis and eyeball it, it looks like the wheel is 10/15mm further away from the chassis (the bodywork looks to be symmetrical).
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