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The most versatile setup at a reasonable price (not cheap, though) is to use Gaz ride and height adjustable front shocks, which are typically around £180 per pair -

I've couple those with Spitfire 1500 springs (180lb) for a six-cylinder Sammio but I'm using Spitfire Mk1-3 springs (150lb) for the four pot in my Speedster.

With the rebound set fairly soft, only one or two clicks from the softest setting, on my Spyder I ended up with the ride height just right and a very compliant ride without the car bottoming out or jumping off the surface of the rollercoaster fen roads round here at speed.

On the same roads with cut down 200lb Vitesse springs it couldn't safely be driven above 50mph as the front tyres kept hopping off the road surface.
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