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Having chopped the old mounts off and measured in place, it looks like the rack-mounting holes would drop by more like 30 - 40 mm using the existing mounting plates rewelded.

Also, the new hole position is several cm further forward of the old (angled brackets) location. Using 140mm bolts with twenty penny washers between rack and mounting (to space the rack backwards) does NOT look like any kind of engineering solution!

I now think the way forward is to weld 60x40 box section 230mm long vertically to the chassis in place of the old "angle iron" for new rack mounts (with the 60mm side along the car's axis) to put the rack in the right place. I reckon to drill holes for the rack-mounting bolts on the back (40mm) face of the box and put a 40+mm hole in the SIDE of the box to allow a 19mm ring spanner to get to the nut inside the box on the rack mounting bolts.

Even without the access problem caused by the chassis diagonal brace, it would still seem necessary to put in place new (box or channel section?) mounts that move the rack-mounting position backward by about 40mm from the transverse chassis member to align the rack with the hubs.

Wish me luck!

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