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OK I did

Chassis rails are 34" apart

Outside of a front tyre to the chassis 17"

Making front track 68"

Outside of rear tyre to chassis 15"

Making rear track 64"

According to vehicle hand books I have :-

Width excluding mirrors 68"
track front 58"
track rear 56"

track is without saying that is to centre of tyre or outside [ wheel base is to centre of wheel's ? ]

Be very careful these figures only apply to the 200 series.

The 300 series was wider and I think only available in twin rear wheel format.

It looks to have the O series 1 engine , however I could be wrong , if it has that would date it easily ? 1978 - 1986 [ mine is a 1989 O series 2

It would lend itself to a LaFrance Peking to Paris look ?

Although I am sure you already have your own ideas what to do with it ?


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