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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Looking very classy and really fits in with the big-buck Astons. The 'Italia 275 GTB Prototypo' plates are a nice touch.

Is there a rear screen rubber with a chrome trim available? If so, to my eye it might be more in keeping with the rest of the car.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks a lot Mr T, really appreciated. The screen if you zoom in on the photos is actually sitting on top of the opening. The fibreglass needs thinning to get the seal to fit properly, so i’ll do that fit once the interior is finished and tidy.

I have the chrome trim sat in the garage ready to go so hopefully will be the end visuals that work....Yeh I liked that plate and I think it helped me with the fezza enthusiasts as well. Might keep some of that for the final badging. Cheers.
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