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Originally Posted by Dpaz View Post
Now Escort based kit cars, eg Rickman Rangers are being bought to be stripped for escort bits. Is this what recycling is about? At a recent Landrover meet the lack of 'youngsters' was very noticeable. They can buy cheap hot hatches and modify them less expensively than building a kit car. Sadly the 'Special' era passed, now maybe as we get older building is going upmarket to the people with more money than skill.
Quite apart from the expense, I believe the introduction of SVA and IVA had a negative effect on the kit car world. Having to jump through additional hoops must surely put off many a prospective builder? The demise of traditional breakers' yards has also taken away much of the fun of parts sourcing, only partly mitigated by the advent of the internet. For myself, abandoned projects and shed finds are the way to go, but then again, I have to say that JaguarTVR's 'dinosaur' comment resonated strongly with me...

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