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Default Porsche Boxter/Speedster 356 replica ?

Hi there to all.

For over 30 years we have had a countless number of manufacturers building Porsche 356 Speedster replicas around the world. Legendary names such as Apal, Intermeccanica, Chesil just to mame a few. Even Dax (Cobra) had a go in the mid 80,s. With the exeption of PGO who makes a neo-classic Peugeot based version all the rest are VW Beetle based.

But has anyone thought of building a Porsche based speedster replica? I know that using a 911 would be out of the question as these are already considered classics, but what about building a Speedster using a Porsche Boxter ? These cars have already been around for 17 years and cheap examples can be found for under 5000.£ € $

This would be more of a body panel replacement project. Removing wings, bonnet and bumper from the front, and wings, boot lid and bumper from the rear and leaving the rest of the car untouched. Then just replace with Speedster style panels. You could even modify an existing Speedster kit to fit onto the Boxter. Its true that the car wouldn´t be 100% replica, it would be a neo-classic style similar to the PGO Speedster, but it would be a real Porsche. I´m sure that you could have a fullu finished car for under 10000.£ € $

This is just an idea. What do you think?

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