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I remember this taking a bit of testing to work out. The wiring diagrams say what's what but not how they work. From my notes where I chopped off the BMW connectors and popped an 8 way on...The pin numbers won't help but the colours may

Indicator Stalk to 8 way multi connector
1 BRN Ground
2 YEL/RED BC when brought to ground pin 1
3 GRN/YEL Main Beam Flash when contact to pin 4
4 WHT To High Beam relay and dash
5 BLU Right Indicator
6 BRN/RED Live from Horn relay - grounded on column
7 GRY Left Indicator
8 YEL High Beam on From the main Off/Sides/Head switch

Indicator Stalk - left on original connector
GRY/BRN unknown
GRY/YEL unknown
GRY/GRN unknown
GRY/BLU unknown
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