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I used to ticket people with dodgy 'show plates' all the time, but then I was a complete b&stard.

Actually, the only ones I actually prosecuted were those who'd altered the characters so much that the reg couldn't be read or was misread as another vehicle.

I almost arrested one driver because she was driving around in a Mitsubishi Lancer with a reg ending EVO that pinged as a stolen car from South Wales.

When I asked her if the reg number was correct she maintained that it was and that it was her car. On closer inspection I noticed that the letter O had a bit of black tape on it, which, when picked off showed up a 5mm gap half way up the right hand side of the letter. When I asked her if it was actually meant to be a C she got really angry and said 'Any fool can see that's a C.' Funnily enough, she got a ticket for failing to display her registration.

Oh, and I also ticketed a Ferrari owner for no front plate after he went past me at about 150mph on a local A road while I was driving a diesel Peugot prisoner van. I didn't try to go after him, obviously, but when you've had a unique custom wrap on your Fezza it makes it quite recognisable when you're sitting at traffic lights a few days later and a police van pulls up behind you...
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