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Originally Posted by Dpaz View Post
Mr Towed, It could be worse, you don't like the wrap, etc. But what if it was affordable and SOLD?
Hi Dpaz, not 100% sure I fully understand your question here, but the only issues I have with the Speedster under discussion are that:

The dash looks unfinished - I'm all for a stripped down, painted or bare metal look dash, but I feel that the Speedster dash at least needs the 'eyebrow' over the instruments to look its best;

The cream dials stand out as not matching the era or style of the rest of the car and just shout 'Kit Car' on what is otherwise a very high quality replica;

The rear numberplate lamp changed from above the plate to below it in '57, a detail change which coincided with replacement of the four rear beehive lights with a pair of integrated teardrop lights (using the 'wrong' combination of rear lamps is common on Speedster replicas and it's a dead giveaway that it's not an original to anyone who's 'spotting' it for originality);

Although the vinyl wrap looks terrific on this particular car, I would be concerned about its longevity - at best it'll last five years until it needs replacing and the experts suggest that it could be very difficult to remove without damaging the surface beneath when it does need replacing.

I appreciate that a paint finish might also need touching up or refinishing after a similar length of time, but you do still see sixty or seventy year old cars wearing their original factory paint and still presenting very well. I doubt you'll see a vinyl wrap lasting that long.

As for the price/affordability/SOLD status, I'm happy that the price is right - the seller is a well established company with many similar cars both on sale and in their 'sold' archive, so I'm sure they've got the price spot on and someone will buy it soon. That's good for us amateur builders as it pulls the values of our creations up alongside them should we ever decide to sell them.

Anyway, sorry for the thread hijack, Mick O'M, I know my posts can be a bit wordy, but I'm quite passionate about these specialist cars and like to promote the hobby whenever I can.
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