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Thanks guys, all compliments greatly appreciated

Got to agree about the Phillips screws, they came with the Mini hinges but don't even really fit the countersunk holes properly.

Might have to look for some Allen bolts instead.

I've been tinkering with the doors today, making up some brackets and some fibreglass mouldings to fit the MG Midget door hinges at the rear of the doors so they open in suicide style.

It does look as if it's going to work at this stage, I'm just waiting for my fibreglass mouldings to recess the hinges in the body and attach them to the inside of the doors to set and for Amazon to deliver me some suitable nuts 'n' bolts and I should have the driver's door hung by the middle of the week.

I'm going to use a pair of MG Midget door latches and slam plates at the front of each door as I do like to stick to what I'm familiar with.

I also have a cunning plan to prevent the possibility of a door being opened on the move: I'll be fitting a solenoid inside each door that automatically locks the doors when the handbrake is released and unlocks them when it's applied. A hidden override switch to allow the doors to be locked when I park it up and unlocked to get in.

Once I have an opening door 'll take some pictures which should explain all the above a bit better.
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