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Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident View Post
I help organise event on the same dates and the revised Stoneliegh and we have just cancelled it following advice from insurance company.

I will give this year a miss. I would rather see friends next year than attend their funerals this year for the sake of seeing some polished plastic
My attendance is with the caveat of "I'll consider the numbers/risk at the time"
The way forward is based on risk and numbers (I'm not convinced we as 'the general public' are given the whole story) but we have to make our own decisions to some extent on actions we have control over. I certainly don't intend on using public transport, at the other end of the spectrum our neighbours appear to have been doing everything as normal since March, visitors going in, staying hours (even one who was in Hospital with pneumonia during April) Beggars belief..... Oops sorry went off track a bit there, that's cabin fever effect
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