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Hi Rich (how big)
Sorry about the delayed response, but been working today.
OMG That's what you get when you don't research a car well, and buy with your heart (well eyes at least), I didn't know the car was inherently unstable and needed a redesign, nee remake! Buying with your eyes, not your head!
(not the first time as my ex wife, she was a looker, but poor in the bends, and nearly ended me once or twice, think I'll name her ( the car) Joann!)
Thanks for the advice , it makes me more determined to 'sort her out' (not the ex!, done that, hence the ex!). Since my scary 140 mile return trip, akin to Alton Towers blindfold I have not dared peer under her cover, but I will start to unfold the beast, and see if I can tame her using your invaluable advice, I feel I have adopted a troubled beast that could enchant or kill me! But I feel like ' the game to tame' has started. How foolish I thought jump in blast off...wheeeeee! More like , ' what the aaaaargh no no phew, plus my brake and accelerator extended pedal covers are so close, you get involuntary bowel movements as you hit the brake ne accelerator entering a bend, the massive oversteer complements a bowel waffling few seconds! This was coming over the Woodhead pass from the M1 (Sheffield) to there I live on the Manchester/Tameside edge of the Peak District. Clenched doesn't describe it, as I was negotiating bends with An M5 up my Jacksie, almost deciding to undertake me on an S bend, as I under steered followed by a shake of the rear in oversteer snap understeer, (am I on castors was my first thought) . The rest of the journey was uneventful, and quiet, and under 50mph, you can only use so much adrenaline in one day!
So tyre pressure, tyres and size, and get a bead on what the heck geometry is going on. The only description I have is that anything above 50mph my steering felt as though the wheels were hardly touching tarmack. Determined to sort it though, so thanks for your invaluable support and information.
I hope to ask you for more advice, and keep you up to date with any progress.
Where a outs are you? We have some awesome roads in the High Peaks, and determined to get it in usable shape for the summer.
Thanks for the invaluable information, hope to keep in touch!
Going to peer under its cover now, and hope it don't bite!
Many thanks
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