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Default Anyone buy Total Kit Car recently?

'Marlene' is now painted in Ecurie Ecosse Flag metallic blue, and having chatted to Steve Hole from TKC for a while about the build and the car, he decided to do a piece on our M3 E36 Sportster in January's edition. He was a top bloke, very enthusiastic about the kit car scene in general, and loves a Marlin, so was keen to up their profile. Hopefully a few more kits will be sold, even if they're not E36 donors. Can't believe how much a paint job does to the look of the Sportster. Made me realise how fugly it was in the bare panels and horrible fibreglass finish. Hope all you other Sportster drivers are doing well, and getting out when the road salt has abated. I have set up a Marlin Sportster driver's page in Facebook, but have not done much with it. Would be good to get a few more members and maybe sort out a meet somewhere someday outside of the scheduled shows etc.

Hope to get out and about a lot more this year, so keep an eye out for MAR 306L on the road, especially in Gloucestershire,Oxfordshire and Worcestershire areas! Hope all running cars and builds are going well.

Rob (and Dad David-He's a technophobe)

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