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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
Gary - Congratulations on another car off to a new home.

How many Formosas (in all variations) have you sold now?
( Just curious really. )

Cheers, Paul.


+1 to thinking this thread was signalling the end of Formosa.
Yeh ...sorry about that !! About 20 , I think but not keeping tabs ...about half dozen in Europe , 3 in Norway .. rest over here .
I've done single RHD hump , single LHD hump , no hump , Twin hump supplied seperate and about to do twin hump fixed for a guy in Enfield ...not far from you !!
I have 4 builds active in the workshop , one being finished off by Dakota34 , the prelific S*mmio builder ... so 5 technically on the go ... provisional new build to start in February as well ... so its going ok .

I have guys prepared to spend a bit more money than previously too ..which is nice , my labour doesnt change but the quality of car and parts being used is going up .. 16'' wire wheels and aluminium interiors etc. are proving popular ..
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